Interesting Facts About Pizza 2 – Villa

Interesting Facts About Pizza 2 – Villa

News 13-Nov-2013 11:45 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Filmmaker Deepan Chakravarthy is keeping his fingers crossed on his maiden debut ‘Villa – Pizza 2’ that comes with a mystery-thriller-horror package. Scheduled for release tomorrow, the film comes with a top-notch Dolby Atmos Technology. Starring Ashok Selvan and Sanchitha Shetty in lead roles, the film has a lot of edge-on-seat elements.

Deepan says, “This is not a complete horror movie, but a thriller that will keep you hooked on to the screens from beginning till end. There will be 20 minutes of horror elements during the second half of this film.”

The film stars Ashok as a 30-yr old writer and Sanchitha Shetty as his ladylove. Both of them play the Christians and make their way to a Villa and mystery starts from then…

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