Pandiya Nadu Movie Review

The best of Vishal’s decade

Reviews 4-Nov-2013 11:40 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Let's hit it straight - Pandiya Nadu is interwoven with good screenplay, thrill and emotional elements that keep you engaged. Filmmaker Susintheeran picks a pinch of 'Naan Mahaan Alla', a young man retaliating the pain of his loss. This time, he gets into a forceful action of bringing a heavy punch. The film marks the maiden debut of Vishal as producer and stars Lakshmi Menon opposite him in the female lead.

Shivakumar (Vishal) has a simple formula in life - lead a peaceful life and never get into trouble with thugs. His father (Bharathiraja) is a retired EB staff, his elder brother works as an inspection engineer, his beautiful girl (Lakshmi Menon) ready to marry him, his friends Sethu (Vikranth) and Soori and he has everything he asked for. Painful murders, pathetic loss and unbearable misery pushes Shivakumar to choose the way, he had ignored so far.

The story line is so simple and we have seen it many times onscreen. There are some good elements in the screenplay that deserves special mention for Susintheeran. The very prologue of this film, where director establishes the backdrops of story and the protagonist's entry after 15-minute on the screen (a surprisal of introduction) is extraordinary. The first hour proceeds at a light pace and twist of pathos strike at intermission is a turning point. The vengeance act showcased in a normal method and an unexpected entry of father into this drama is a special treat. D Imman's background score is a trenchant work and for sure, he has done a good job. The songs are picturized well and yes, Mathi has done a great job with his cinematography. Especially, the climax sequence has been shot with an excellent panache.

How about Vishal? He fits perfect to the role as an innocent guy and for the first time you see him proving his proficiency in his entire career. Lakshmi Menon looks beautiful, but her glam-appeal with costumes could have been avoided. Having crafted an engaging screenplay with interesting quotients, it is little disappointing to see Susintheeran place a 'Kuthu' number in a critical situation, where the protagonist sets out to save a victim. Bharathiraja leaves us speechless and you'll have tears rolling down the cheeks with his emotional acts. Thanks to Susintheeran for a brilliant casting.

Nevertheless, when you walk out of theatres, there is a complete fulfillment and of course the film deserves a good appreciation. Well, Vishal was so confident about his film in spite of two big releases hitting screens at the same time. Finally, he stands out as a 'BLACK HORSE' for this Diwali and we urge him and Susintheeran to come up with similar movies.

Verdict: The best of Vishal’s decade

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