Arrambam Movie Review

Fantastic treat for Ajith fans

Reviews 1-Nov-2013 9:58 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Stylish walks, salt ‘n’ pepper looks, guns-coolers sans blazers – that’s a Diwali bonanza for Ajith Kumar fans. Arrambam might be a stroke of hackneyed storyline and a normal screenplay, but what makes it more compelling are the newfangled elements tied to the plot. First 20 minutes into the film, you’re much alike the puzzled Arjun (Arya), a hacker who is blown out of waters over Ashok Kumar’s (Ajith Kumar) shocking plans. He has devastated three landmarks of Mumbai with powerful bombs and hacked the transmission signals of a satellite channel. With a beautiful girl Maaya (Nayantara) on his side, his hidden mission continues to appall the cop (Kishore), who is on their trail. What unfolds next is a bunch of characters traversing across each other on sharp edges with a climax that is strong and convincing.

It’s a high-tech film laced with entertainment quotients. If you’re watching a mindless commercial entertainer, you can bar or spare the illogical elements, but how about an elite theme with lot of new-dimensional complex ingredients. You’ve a master planner, who can easily hamper anything and go about with his big brain and brawn, an ethical hacker who can break into your zone at an ease et al. So, everything should be organised in the screenplay and you cannot easily claim ‘the drama begins where the logic ends’. A techno-heist at World Bank in Dubai with the lead characters playing their game is extraordinary. But what happened to the cameras? This is far beyond the questioning levels of a normal audience, but can avoid it. That’s it! Rest of the portions has been done with scrutinising efforts. How could a leading police office go unaware about an ex-cop, who has been a part of several anti-terrorist missions? These are the ones that keep teasing your minds. Nevertheless, the superstar appeal of Ajith Kumar overshadows such attributes and keeps you engrossed throughout the show. It’s a rarity to have a film keep us intact for 150 minutes and this one regardless of some illogical factors impress us vividly. Thanks to writers Suba and Vishnuvardhan for creating such intense characters (around a dozen actors) that has powerful significance. The first half is light and as the story proceeds to second hour, you’ll be on edge-of-your seats. Nayantara looks stunning, but limits herself from smile and skin shows, instead sticks to seriousness and in contrast, Taapsee is a breezy refresher for her innocent role keeps us in laugh. Arya’s flashback sequence might not keep you heavily in laughter, but is a nice try. Kishore is perfect and he offers substantiality to Ajith Kumar with his role. Mahesh Manjrekar as an evil politician with fun nature is yet another brilliant flash.

Yuvan disappoints us with the songs and background score. Except for visual treat by cinematographer Om Prakash, the songs do not carry substantiality here. Sreekar Prasad’s efficient works especially during pre-interval, flashback and penultimate scenes to climax are extraordinary.

On the whole, Arrambam is a well tailored flick for Ajith Kumar, which is a fantastic treat for Thala fans. With a couple of flicks pending to hit screens on this festive occasion, this will be a ‘Black Horse’ indeed. If Vishnuvardhan and writers Suba had tried to maintain the consistency of logic, it would have been a perfect entertainer.

Verdict:Fantastic treat for Ajith fans

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