The other business of ‘Moodar Koodam’ director

The other business of ‘Moodar Koodam’ director

News 18-Oct-2013 11:57 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Don’t presume this to be too serious, but an information of interesting fact. Director Naveen is high on praises for his recent release ‘Moodar Koodam’. Everyone knows that he is a fantastic storyteller and filmmaker, but not about his other interest – hair styling. Yes, Naveen is a fantastic hair designer and he can cut your hairs with panache. It all happened from his college days.

When he was about to get his hair cut, he made some suggestions to the saloon guy for a kid. Instantly, he was insisted to make it all by himself and guess what? He excelled. From that moment, he has been personal hair designer for his close friends in college. It is worth mentioning that he was the one to design hair style for the child lead actors – Anbu and Jeeva in Pandiraj’s Pasanga.

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