Vanakkam Chennai Movie Review

Vanakkam Chennai Movie Review

News 11-Oct-2013 5:39 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Consider one thing before if you watch Vanakkam Chennai. In the name of urban romantic comedies, we often see many movies on the queue. Few prove to be made exactly on the written theory and other still strive to achieve the excellence. How to categorize ‘Vanakkam Chennai’? It’s all about thin line of difference. Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi in an interview had said she nearly took four years to complete this script. With this reference, you might feel odd what’s there to strive so much with this kind of film, which could have been written over a cup of coffee.

The life in Chennai is new to Ajay (Mirchi Shiva), a wayward guy from Theni, who wants to make a big time here. Then there is beautiful Anjali (Priya Anand), an aspiring photographer from London, who has escaped from her dad in passion of her work. New place and new characters – they find themselves in a critical situation when they see each other in same house. Reason – Narayana (Santhanam) has cheated them by giving the house on different agreements. As they try to banish each other from the house, situations get them in love with each other. Meanwhile, Anjali’s fiancé arrives from London and this turns out to be a hurdle for Ajay. Will they get united or not? It’s simple as you know what happens in a rom-com movie.

There is nothing special to mention about the performance of Shiva. He is always the same as in his previous movies. He has to put forth some additional efforts in nurturing his acting skills. Priya Anand, the gorgeous girl keeps you lidless all throughout her portions. Her performance as a trendy girl is worthy of appreciations. She can honestly thank her make-up man and costume designer. Santhanam as usual keeps up his witty lines and he keeps you engaged in the complete second half. The film has an interesting star-cast that includes Nasser, Oorvasi and many others that serves as an additional ingredient to keep the script engrossing. Anirudh needs special mention for being a pillar to the entire film. Almost all the songs in the film stand out as the best numbers and Richard M Nathan has handled the cinematography with more elegance. In the scenes, where the writing falls down, it’s the background score by Anirudh and Richard’s camera that diminishes the negative elements.

On the whole, Vankkam Chennai a middling show and if you have no other option, It’s interesting in places, but looks little stereotypical in few parts.
Verdict: Average. Excellent in technical aspects

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