Ya Yaa

Say ‘No Ya’ to this film.

Reviews 20-Sep-2013 5:21 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Mirchi Shiva, Santhanam and Power Star – any director is lucky to find these comedy icons together, which indeed would be a jackpot for the producers. Debutant I Rajashekaran, a former associate of director Rajesh (an additional advantage for hailing from a school of comedy capers) kick starts his directorial debut with Ya Yaa that had a heavy beam of expectations. Let’s have a look at the film’s synopsis followed by a distinct analysis.

Dhoni aka Ramarajan (Mirchi Shiva) handles his life so cheerfully and is never bothered about his job. And then, there’s an identical guy – Shewag (a) Raj Kiran (Santhanam), a loggerhead at the other end. Both of them get acquainted for their name factors. Dhoni comes across a beautiful girl (Dhansika) and falls in love with her. But the problem arrives through Shewag, who is bribed by an aged-funny counselor (Deva Darshini) to get them united. What happens next has been narrated with some fun elements.

As we mentioned over the first few phrases, it’s a big luck for any director to get the big brand comedy actors. Nevertheless, Rajashekaran seems to have wasted this opportunity. Final word – the writing seems to be too scattered to keep us focused. The first half proceeds with a passable narration and the hilarious moments involving Shiva, Power Star and Santhanam (Santhanam and Power Star do not appear together) engage us in huge laughter-riot. Not to miss Power Star mimicking Chitti Robot, Virumaandi Kamal, Pokkiri Vijay and Billa-2 Ajith. But what stands out as the mother of all comedies is Power Star performing Udhayanidhi Stalin’s steps for ‘Azhage Azhage’ from OKOK. Mirchi Shiva has to look out for some good roles if he has plans to retain his position. While his previous ‘Sonna Puriyaadhu’ had some scope to perform, but this one doesn’t give him any such situation and he looks doubtful about what he is doing onscreen. Santhanam appears and disappears the very next instant, which make his role incomplete. There is no continuity in his portions and of course, his jokes can be enjoyed when viewed in parts, but not at a stretch. The characterization of Dhansika and Sandhya is too artificial. Especially, the latter one as a numb head is so disappointing as she has given a best performance in her previous movies.

Technically, a couple of songs were engaging to hear on tracks, but the visuals fail to impress us. The problem with Ya Yaa is that the writing is too boring and the film falls down soon after intermission.

On the whole, Ya Yaa is a big disappointment to the audience, who were filled with more excitements to enjoy a fun-filled entertainer with Shiva, Santhanam and Power Star.

Verdict: Say ‘No Ya’ to this film.

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