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The spooky feel of mystery took a front seat right with the first look teaser of Pizza II - The Villa and now there's no doubt that the songs will add more ingredients to it. The film is produced by CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment and is presented by Studio Green Films. Short filmmaker Deepan makes his debut directorial with this supernatural fantasy thriller and Santhosh Narayanan of 'Attakathi', 'Pizza' and 'Soodhu Kavvum' has composed tracks for this film.


Singers: Pradeep Kumar

Lyrics: Arunraja Kamaraj

Santhosh Narayanan showcases his eminency yet again with a beautiful melody with rhythmic accompaniment on guitars. Well, this track faintly reminds us off his previous melodies like Aasai Or Pulveli (Attakathi) and Mogathirai (Pizza) and yes, this one stands out to be a dulcet treat to the listeners. Pradeep Kumar makes an impressive show and what's surpasses all other elements is the exquisite lyrics by Arunraja Kamaraj.

Disco Woman

Singer: Dhee

Lyrics: Ganesh Kumar. B

The album shifts to the different zone of bringing the effect of a retro style with the addition of techno beats. Although, lyrics lack clarity in some places due to strong music, the intonation of Dhee offers a best effect on surround music system.

Kanum Gnyanam

Singer: Kalyani Nair

Lyrics: Ganesh Kumar. B

It's completely surreal. It turns out to be a difficult task for any music composer to deliver a track on fantasy theme, but Santhosh exerts his inmost potential to deliver it in best style. His choice of picking Kalyani Nair makes creates the right impact.


Singer: Gaana Bala

Rap: Vineet Mani

Lyrics: Ganesh Kumar. B

If not provided the details here, we're sure you would not know is it the same singer, who crooned 'Aadi Pona Aavani', 'Kaasu Panam Dhooddu' has rendered this track. He had earlier attempted a classy jazz style in Pizza and gets back to the same zone here. Overall, an appreciable work by Rap singer Vineet Mani and lyricist Ganesh Kumar. The song should get more enhancements with the visuals.


Featuring the studio orchestra of Sydney

An ambience impregnated with enigma - very few musical compositions generate such a feeling. Of course, the teaser of Villa scaled a huge response with this one. Hats off to the studio orchestra of Sydney for rendering a track that elevated the standard of a supernatural thriller to a greater magnitude. Especially, the portions played in fortepianos turns to be a sweet poison raging into your souls. Ashok Selvan and Sanchitha Shetty have played the lead roles with Nasser performing an important character.


OST Featuring the studio orchestra of Sydney

As the track name 'Varaipadam' suggests, it looks like this is placed at a critical juncture and the mystery behind the paintings is revealed. Yet again, the studio orchestra of Sydney overwhelmingly stuns us with an overpowering ochestration.

On the whole, Pizza II - The Villa recreates the same magic as in Pizza. It's distinctly clear that Santhosh Narayanan has completely imbibed the theme of this flick and has delivered it with excellence. Since some of the tracks belong to an unusual genre, it may take some time to brew up and probably things will fit right in places with the visuals.

Verdict: Experience the eerie and romantic soul with Villa.

R. Richard Mahesh

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