Michael Jackson - the Creator of Joy and Happiness

Michael Jackson - the Creator of Joy and Happiness

News 29-Aug-2013 4:02 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The morning papers are flashing with everything that is running across the cities, but one man seems to be keeping us awestruck for few moments. Even for the ones, who haven't seen him perform in dance shows or album, he is eventually considered as the Emperor of World Dance.

At one part of the world, the most celebrated Timbaland makes an official announcement about launching his single track CHICAGO that carries the voice of immortal legend. Coming down to India, the news channels are presenting us with the videos of our actors inspiring to dance like him in many films. Of course, from Chiranjeevi-to-Prabhu Deva and Suriya, every actor have tried endeavouring with this attempt of shaking their legs like him.

Michael Jackson - the words have the magic and excitements flowing through souls and veins. AR Rahman is highly celebrated for winning a couple of Oscar awards, but there is something that our Madras Mozart had dreamt beyond it - to work with Michael Jackson. It was all set to happen few months after Rahman won the oscar awards as they planned to collaborate for a music album based on collection of Poems by Rabindranath Tagore, but it was time for Michael Jackson to reach the Peter's Gate in heaven to meet his destination.

The enthralling words in his lyrics and inspiring messages appeals more to his fans of all generations than his dance. He is a genius with a strong liking for global issues. 'Black or White' still remains to be the anthem of many across the world and his passionate works towards the protection of nature was a stupendous masterpiece.

The words 'RIP' at his graveyard doesn't mark his culmination, he is there in our heart and soul till the end of world.

We love you Michael!! Happy Birthday.

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