Desingu Raja

Below average fare

Reviews 23-Aug-2013 5:40 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Director Ezhil had earlier delivered some promising entertainers that were laced with romance, comedy, action and sentiments that include Thulladha Manamum Thullum and Poovellam Kettupaar. Nearly after a long hiatus of 5 years, the director made a laudable comeback with Manam Kothi Paravai that starred Sivakarthikeyan in lead role. This time, he is back with yet another entertainer Desingu Raja that is too mediocre in places.

The onionskin story is set in rural backdrops that centers on a feud between two loggerhead families. Apparently when Idhayakanni (Vimal) falls in love with a beautiful girl Thamarai (Bindhu Madhavi) from other family, it turns out to be a bizarre leading to unexpected twists. With the earnest efforts of Idhayakanni, will the unceasing conflict between the lineages come to an end or not? This forms the crux of story.

start off with the analysis, director Ezhil has completely banked his hopes on humorous quotients and fails to impress us with his screenplay. The writing goes fallible in places as there is no depth of emotions. The actors could have exerted a little more effort to add more intesity to the script. Especially with Bindhu Madhavi, she looks beautiful throughout the film, but misses out certain places, where she could have scored brownie points. Not to miss the sequence, where she has to emote for her father's gruesome murder and yet she remains numb. Vimal doesn't travel anywhere outside his boundary and tries to stick with his favourable zone. Of course, it works in places and wins our praises. After a long time, Ravi Mariah appears in the role of a full-fledged villain with a hilarious touch. Parotta Soori, Singam Puli and Singamuthu continue to tickle our funny bones with their humorous acts.

The basic problem with Desingu Raja is that it seemingly looks like Ezhil was stuck between comedy and emotions while crafting the script. We tend to spot the comedy elements popping up on unexpected turn. Specifically, the climax portion is ridiculous, but of course it evokes laughter for the funny moves for Shakira's Wakka Wakka and Gangnam Style. But again, getting on with the logical attribute, there is no proper justification to the sudden transformation of characters. Nevertheless, Ezhil tries to convey the message that any hardships and turmoils can be sorted out with love, humour and patience.

The musical score by D Imman is comparatively low when compared to his previous movies. He had done a fabulous job in Kumki, but goes little away from the top-notch standard he had spelled earlier.

On the whole, Desingu Raja is a stark mediocre that evokes your interest only in few places. The script might be hackneyed, but it would have fared well if presented with an engrossing screenplay, which goes missing here.

Verdict: Below average fare

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