What's the Story of Biryani?

What's the Story of Biryani?

News 16-Aug-2013 1:12 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

This is not an unconfirmed buzz, but was let out by Venkat Prabhu during a special chat in TV show on the occasion of Independence Day. The filmmaker while shedding light on the film said that the film is about an 11th grade school boy, who can never have a beer without Biryani.

This ritualistic practice keeps prolonging in him even in the latter years of his youth phase. On an occasion, when he travels to a town along with his pal (Premgi Amaran) and boozes, he is instigated to have this spicy dish. The hub is situated at a long distance across the Highway road and the story takes a turn leading to a series of roller-coaster thriller ride.

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