Wolverine Movie Review

WWW – Wolverine Worth Watch.

Reviews 27-Jul-2013 9:07 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

It’s been a great expectation prevailed for this movie. The movie came out well, but did that stand up to the expectation? It’s really a big question mark in everyone’s mind before watching the movie.

The movie starts with a night mare in a night mare which makes us think that, is it anyway related to Inception than Xmen. It’s definitely a no.  The nightmare in which reminds about the past life of our hero Logan (Hugh Jackman) where he saves a Japanese soldier – Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi) in young age this character is done by Ken Yamamura.  Logan saves Yashida from the atomic bomb blast at Nagasaki.  After that nightmare starts the present day life which travels through the movie.

Yukio comes in search of Logan as per the request of Yashida as his wish was to meet him before his death. As per the request of Yashida, Logan meets him and his last wish on his death bed is, logan must take care of his granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamoto).  Yashida dies, all the powers of Yashida transfers to Mariko. On the funeral of Yashida starts the action of saving Mariko from her own father Shingen and her fiancée Noburo. It’s the time Logan get attacked by Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) who is built with venom and that venom in her makes him grow old and also his wounds remains.

After saving Mariko from that situation, goes to Nagasaki to a safe place to hide. But that small little home remains safe just for a day and Mariko is again kidnapped by Viper. Logan goes back to find Mariko and there awaits a great surprise for him which takes the movie to the climax.

The cast and crew of the movie are very much familiar as it was seen on the earlier versions. The original music was scored by Marco Beltrami. The highlight of the movie was its cinematography which gets a standing ovation as the shots and angles are planned in such a way which seems to be a treat for us.

Verdict:  WWW – Wolverine Worth Watch.

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