Sonna Puriyathu

Inviting Hollywood breeze to Kodambakkam

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It happens once in a while as the new breeze of themes foray into the screens of Tamil Cinema. Much prior to drawing the analysis of Sonna Puriyathu, a mere statement about would be a Desi-version of What happens in Vegas that was later translated into Hindi as Ek Main Aur Ek Tu. This film starring a rare combination of actors known for their energetic performance (Vasundhara has played a bubbly girl in both rural and urban shades) isn't an exact replica of Cameron Diaz's flick, but there are few similarities to strike here.

A dubbing artist by profession (Mirchi Shiva) is dead against getting married as he feels it to be a lifetime trap. Unable to meet the insistence of his mother, he agrees to marry a so-called traditional girl Anjali (Vasundhara), A TV anchor for spiritual shows. What this guy-n-gal discover is that they aren't interested in spousal relationship.The drama set up by them to ruin the marriage preparation by family elders becomes perfect until they find themselves married after a hard night party.

What happens next? Just try to find out the rest over the screens, if you're really a diehard fan of light-hearted feel good rom-com in Hollywood style.

First thing you'll have to make sure before catching up with Sonna Puriyathu is just sit back, relax and don't call for too much logic, sip your favourite drinks, munch in popcorns and kill your time with the rib-tickling moments. It all begins from Scene One, where Shiva leaves you in split with his Hindi version of 'Rosaappu Chinna Rosaappu' (Suryavamsam). What about his fun-filled dubbing for Hollywood films? Ah! You'll find yourself in high-spirits with the dialogues of 'Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger', Discovery Channel documentary on Gorilla love story, etc...

Usually, the love stories in Tamil Cinema comes as a package of emotions, but this one is a cool trendsetter that we see in western movies. On the flip side, there are few sluggish moments that hamper the screenplay, especially in second half, but that doesn't extend for a long duration. Yes, it's a film that would have been cut-short in duration making it as a 100-minute flick, but it's all about catering to the taste of Tamil audience that adds up to bunch of songs. The introduction of Flash-Mob is a good idea, which gains back your memory of 'Friends with Benefits'.

Mirchi Shiva, say the word and you'll associate him for witty-liners and of course, this one is not an exception. Vasundhara fits this role so cute as a homely-turned-ultra modern chick. Manobala as the proprietor of is chill pill and others in the cast are fine.

Such movies really need technical aspects as their backbone and if debut filmmaker Krishnan Jayaraj had grabbed sleek visuals and a best background score, the film would have been more appealing. For now, Sonna Puriyathu is a genre of pleasant watch that was introduced in Hollywood before decades.

Get yourselves involved in an enjoyable show with Sonna Puriyathu and walk out of theatres with your brains rejuvenated.

Verdict: Inviting Hollywood breeze to Kodambakkam

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