Pattathu Yaanai

Pattathu Yaanai carries the trace of Vishal's previous films

Reviews 26-Jul-2013 3:46 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Nothing seems to be different from Boopathy Pandian as his latest offering Pattathu Yaanai is yet another commercial potboiler in his own style. To make it simple, it's a stereotypical Hero Vs Baddie and a girl remains to be the major cause for this conflict. Lets say, it's a modified version of Vishal-Boopathy's previous film Malaikottai that was deliberately made with the attempt of mixing humour with action.

Set in backdrops of Karaikudi, Gauravam (Santhanam) is a cook taking up catering orders. He has a 5-team member - Saadha Saravana (Vishal), Dosa Mani, Pongal Kumar, etc. Situations shift them to Trichy, where Saravana falls in love with a school-going teen Aishwarya (Aishwarya) at first sight. Things break loose out of hell as the confrontations begin between two gangs and what turns out to be more shocking is Saravana's past in Madurai.

As mentioned earlier, Boopathy Pandian completely sticks to his ritual formulae of adding humour and action throughout the film. The first half completely belongs to Santhanam as his non-stop comedy sequence pulls you through the roller coaster laughter. In fact, he carries the entire first half (approximately 90mins) on his shoulders. But it's a big disappointment to see him go miss in the second hour, but Boopathy Pandian uses his old technique of transforming the baddies into comedians. The prototyped narration of predictable screenplay diminishes your interest.

Vishal's underplayed performance in the first half giving more space for other actors is a justice to script, but his back-to-action pavillion doesn't hold us intact. Vishal enjoying his life even after a serious past and there is no sense of emotional bond in him. Apparently, why couldn't a powerful Kingpin leaves his prey from own territory and goes chasing after him after three years is an illogical factor.

Aishwarya Arjun could have gone for a better debut and she doesn't carry more than 10 lines of dialogues in the entire film. She has to exert a lot of effort in expressions and body language. Santhanam is the showstopper and others in the cast like Jagan, John Vijay, Murali Sharma perform well to perfection. Vada Poche Sarithiran remains dumb throughout the film and he seems to have been purposely added for the sake of attraction.

On the technical front, S Thaman's musical score is okay with a couple of songs scoring high. The cinematography by Vaithy is quite appreciable.

Overall, Pattathu Yaanai carries the trace of Vishal's previous films. It looks like humour and action should have been the top priority of Boopathy Pandian and he fails to impress us with an engaging screenplay. But if you've decided to watch this film, just get-in-and-get-out without thinking twice about it.

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