Suriya – a Man of Good Heart and Countless Deeds


News 22-Jul-2013 10:32 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Charity which is given without consideration of anything in return, at a sanctified and holy place and at an astrologically auspicious time, given as a matter of duty to one qualified; that charity is regarded as of the nature of goodness - Bhagavad-Gita

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver - Holy Bible

And remember We took a covenant from the Children of Israel (to this effect): Worship none but Allah; treat with kindness your parents and kindred, and orphans and those in need; speak fair to the people; be steadfast in prayer; and practice regular charity. Then did ye turn back, except a few among you, and ye backslide - Holy Quran

Charity, Love, Hard Work, Discipline, Respect for elders, kindness towards environment, faithfulness. The one endowed with these gracious gifts are always the chosen child of God. These intriguing elements of life break the barrier of religion, boundaries, caste and creed.

Here's a small story about a conversation between a mother and child. The child once asked its mother, "Maa! What language does God speak?" and she gave a reply with a smile, "Child, it's the language of LOVE". The reason why the words 'Love', 'Charity' and other superlative adjectives are mentioned here because, they stand out as the synonymous term of SURIYA. His spellbinding endeavour as an actor finds no end as his fan-following craze from kids to the nannies and grampses have a huge love for him. But what makes him more special is his kind heart to everyone.

There's a famous saying - Charity begins at home and many assume it to be the deed of helping your family with 'MONEY'. But one of the ancient proverb claims that charity is not about money and gold, but giving what your neighbours are in need of. Few may want someone to listen them talk, share their jokes, feelings, happiness, pain and more than all as a parent, they want their children to be obedient in good ways. As a son, Suriya has adored his parents with his heart and soul giving a heed to every guidance. A man is considered to be a hero in real life for his inspiring qualities and he has emblazoned these traits as a loveable child. As a brother, he fulfilled his duty in guiding his siblings with wholeheartedness happiness. A marvelous spouse, adorable dad and a best friend to all makes him an unparalleled personality among us.

His charitable acts in the right way reaches to the far-flung corners of the globe. His immense deeds as a philanthropist has gained him incredible praises through AGARAM FOUNDATION.

If there is a best way to revolutionize the nation, it's possible through EDUCATION.

He has paved way for such a new birth of young population, who are enriched with the best education.

A man of good heart and countless deeds is always a pal of the universe and today we wish Suriya a very happy birthday. Let his journey as an actor and his traits as a good human keep inspiring us and we wish him all the best for more success in professional and personal front.


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