GV Prakash Raises His Voice Against Fake Agreements

GV Prakash Raises His Voice Against Fake Agreements

News 17-Jul-2013 5:09 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

'I am not blaming any record labels, but this is all about fake agreements that stirs up the problem' says G.V. Prakash as he raise his voice against one of the biggest labels in the South that is complained of fabricating fake agreements for the composers, lyric writers and playback singers to sign it with the false promise of offering royalties in advance.

Unveiling the reality factor, he said that in reality, there are no such advance payments are delivered to them. He has alleged that it leaves the music personalities to the pathetic scenario of being curbed from their benefits in mere future.

GV Prakash says that over the past couple of months, there has been a misuse of Copyright Amendment Act of 2012. To a positive extent, a proper action will be soon taken by the Writers Union and the Producer's Council. The music director affirms that he is taking scrutinising efforts over this issues not merely because of his personal needs, but for the betterment of every musician, singers and lyricists at present and future league.

Totting up with his statement, GV Prakash says that he will be soon launching his own music label to fight against this issue.

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