'I Am Not Hurting Religious Sentiments' - Bharathiraja

'I Am Not Hurting Religious Sentiments' - Bharathiraja

News 1-Jul-2013 9:50 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Last friday release 'Annakodi' directed by Bharathiraja has been facing a lot of issues pertaining to the protest raised by Forward Block Community People. Around 200 members of this community decided to throng outside the residence of Bharathiraja in Madurai. Apparently, after knowing this prior to the incident, Bharathiraja had around 50 policemen guarding his residence. As the community members had discussions with police, they left the place.

Regarding this, Bharathiraja has mentioned in his letter saying, 'I have never hurt the feelings of religious regards. Every religion has its own customs and ritual practices.

On the pars, I would like to make it clear that a word will make a man live and the other one kill. It is quite evident with Kannagi-Kovalan. When the King said, 'Kovalanai Kondu Vaa', it was misintrepreted as 'Kovalanai Kondru Vaa' (Kondu Vaa in English means 'Bring him' and Kondru Vaa means 'Kill him'). Similarly, I have not done anything wrong here in my recent release Annakodi.

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