Kamal Next to Mohanlal

Kamal Next to Mohanlal

News 25-Jun-2013 5:01 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Just as one of the leading newspapers before few days had published, 'Facebook Verified Page' is no different from those fancy number plates found on the cars. It is perhaps a status symbol for many personalities, especially the ones hailing from 'Page 3' cohort. Well, but there is a distinct differentiation between what happens with the number plates and this social networking site.

Unlike the former ones, this isn't something obtained through currencies, but in contrast is credited to the personalities with high profile and this one can help the viewers clearly known its credibility and needn't wriggle their heads with fake accounts.

Kamal Haasan becomes the second South Indian actor to gain the status of 'Facebook Verified Page' for his account. Earlier, it was Mohanlal that was credited such immense value.

If you're wondering how to find if a Facebook page is verified or not? It's easy, you'll find a 'Tick Mark' in blue colour, right beside the profile picture of the concerned celebrity.

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