'Tamilians Are the Best' -SRK

'Tamilians Are the Best' -SRK

News 20-Jun-2013 11:49 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Right from the moment, Shahrukh Khan's Chennai Express teaser was released, there has been a lot of controversies invovled as few groups came up with their complaints that the film has made fun of Tamilians. Denying such news as baseless rumours, Shahrukh Khan says, 'Trust me! If I say the truth, people from other states will infuriated. When it comes to technology, Tamilians are the most talented ones when compared to others in our country.

When we were in NASA for the shooting of Swades, I witnessed something wonderful as 75% of the working population was Tamilians. We had to push a lot in bringing foreigners into the frame. Such is the magnificence of Tamilians'.

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