Rapid Fire Questions With Namitha

Rapid Fire Questions With Namitha

News 18-Jun-2013 12:08 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The tall and gorgeous actress has an innumerable bunch of fans following her across the country. Remember, the actress was ennobled as the third highest searched celebrity on Google in India. The actress was recently there in Hyderabad for a special event ‘Meet and Greet Namitha’ hosted by Aircel that witnessed Namitha’s ardent buffs catching up with the actress to shoot the breeze. Here is a pick of 6 questions that were put forth by the fans and her answers as well.

What is the thing you comfortable in Telugu field.. ?
She replied that Telugu cinema has lots of tallest heroes.

Favorite movie?


What sports you love?
If you want to see me in swimsuit you have to come to foreign countries or in Ambivalley ( Mumbai). i love to swim and play squash.

Do you feel cinema is healthy now?!
Yes! Nowadays story oriented movies are coming and doing well in the box off. Cinema is coming out From Heroes. It's good for the industry. Good stories will come.

UR nick name?
My mom akways calling me Bitti. I love to b called.

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