Raanjhanaa Takes a Back Seat for Maryan

Raanjhanaa Takes a Back Seat for Maryan

News 15-Jun-2013 11:47 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The entire town was very much celebrative, especially the Dhanush for his both the films Ambikapathy (Tamil version of Raanjhanaa) and Maryan were scheduled to hit screens on the same day. However now, with accordance to Maryan team, it is said that Ambikathapathy release is getting postponed to a week later. Nevertheless, the Hindi version Raanjhanaa will hit screens on the same day (June 21) along with Maryan.

Maryan stars Dhanush as a fisherman, whose life takes a turn on his visit to Africa for job. On his escape from a kidnapped zone, the film revolves around his turmoils and upheavals involved in the journey - all for one thing: His love Panimalar (played by Parvathi fame Poo). In contrast, Ambikapathy will be a sweet feel-good love story about a boy from childhood adoring his sweet girl (played by Sonam Kapoor).

Both these films have the big brand AR Rahman associated to it and guess what? it's the complete fiesta of Raanjhanaa and Maryan songs across the musical globe.

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