Why Vijay Is Upset and Disappointed?

Why Vijay Is Upset and Disappointed?

News 15-Jun-2013 11:34 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘This was actually the hard work of many fans as they worked day and night. But everything has gone in vain now’ says actor Vijay on lamenting about the sudden dismissal of his request on hosting a grand birthday function as a social welfare program on his Birthday (June 22). The actor and his social welfare club members had planned to host the philanthropic activities of distributing auto rickshaws, tailoring machine, Laptops and many more to 3, 900 poor and needy people across three states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

‘While the plans were proceeding on the right path, few cohorts against us had spread the baseless news that I am planning to promote my political strategy. Apparently, the venue of Jain College in Meenambakkam was cancelled by its board members. The police department failed to grant us the favour of monitoring the even presuming that it’s a political campaign’ says Vijay, who is broken down with hopes for the hard work of his fans dashed down terribly.<br/><br/> ‘I can compensate them with the money they have spent, but how can I console them on their terrible disappointments. I am very busy with my film career and am working unceasingly without even taking a break. At this critical point of time, how can I think about the political journey’ tots up Vijay.

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