Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru Movie Review

You might like this passable for a few reasons.

Reviews 14-Jun-2013 5:38 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The promos there made it clear that the film is going to be a superfluous comedy caper. Of course, the brand 'Sundar C' has a synonymous connection with this factor. Regardless of how flimsy the script is, the director makes sure to offer a wholesome entertainer. Theeya Vela Seyyanum Kumaru had its expectation bars raised with this very own reason. But guess what? The director's cut completely goes missing in this film as the so-called grandeur is invisible to a greater magnitude.

An ensemble star-cast with every character having its own intentions tend to be an usual norm of his scripts, but over here we tend to witness that the lead characters alone have a prominence while the rest of them are much alike properties of the atmosphere.

Kumar (Siddarth) hails from a family that is renowned for love marriages and in contrast, he has no special interest towards such relationships. But things take a turn, when a beautiful girl Sanjana (Hansika Motwani) joins his IT firm, his colourful dreams collide and the love in him blooms.

But his shyness on approach stops him from proposing her with clarity. On the turn, the most celebrated handsome guy George (Ganesh Venkatram) becomes lucky in carrying her away. It's not the end as the entry of Love Guru Mokia (Santhanam) in favor of Kumar results in the twist in the tale.

Well, you cannot take up any script of Sundar C for analysis as most of the time, they prove to be tenuous, but it's his engrossing narration that scores brownie points. Disappointingly, no such factors are available here.

Siddarth seems to be too much addicted to the timeworn role of innocent funny boy in love. Hansika Motwani is as bubbly as before and tries to improvise her dancing skills here. It's one and only Santhanam keeps the ship from sinking to a certain extent. His witty one-liners (most of them are very familiar right with the theatrical promos) are captivating.

Again, he travels completely on the tracks of Goundamani and indeed gains our favour with his unique pick of nicknames to address Manobala as 'Nataraj Pencil'. The surprise and suspense element of his link with every character in the film during the second half is the only refreshing element.

Revealing this aspect would be a big spoiler and we would love to keep the secret locked. Ganesh Venkatram is perfect with his role and Sundar C deserves special mention for sketching such a character. Some of the dialogues like 'Only if you fall in love with a girl in this company, we can be sure that you wouldn't resign from here' is a big blast satirical take on contemporary IT firms. Sundar C tries to balance his target audience between male and female groups by delivering dialogues in favour of them equally.

While his films as mentioned earlier have a big bunch of actors and their parallel tracks mingling at the climax, this one has a very plain end. Though enjoyable, it's not up to the expected level. This seemingly should have been the reason behind Sundar C bringing all the characters together for 'Thiruttu Pasanga' song in the final credits.

Despites, the film boasting of a lot of production values that include rich visuals, art works and costumes, the dearth of magnificence in narrative aspects is a big letdown.

If there is one big reason to opt for TVSK, it's Santhanam and of course, you might like this passable for a few reasons.

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