Ghilli and Alex Pandian Re-Entry With SRK

Ghilli and Alex Pandian Re-Entry With SRK

News 13-Jun-2013 4:59 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Last time you saw him uttering Tamil dialogues was in the film 'Om Shanthi Om'. Who can forget the hilarious lines 'Enna Rascala' that left the theatres spangled with huge applause, laughter and whistles. This time, he has more to render and it is for the film 'Chennai Express'. The film's theatrical trailer was launched before few minutes and within this short span, the hits on YouTube has reached an incredulous mark.

Guess what's more interesting than Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone? It's Tamil actor Sathyaraj, the villainous dad of Deepika and there are additional attractions as well. The trailer has a scene where Shahrukh has the sickle on Deepika's neck that easily lets us recollect the 'Ghilli' act of Vijay and of course, Karthi's 'Sickle on tyre and car bounce' action from Alex Pandian has been replicated here as well.

With more of Tamil cinema style, it's obvious that Shahrukh Khan is here to rock the Tamil Nadu theatres

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