RGV's Latest Beautiful Discovery

RGV's Latest Beautiful Discovery

News 10-Jun-2013 5:44 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Ram Gopal Varma hits straight into the bull's eye, when it comes to picking actresses for his film. Well, they're very talented and are super gorgeous. The latest one to join this bandwagon is actress Anaika, who is basked in the glory of stunning praises from media and industry for her ravishing looks. Every newbie has a mandatory question to be answered - how did you make it in film industry.

Yeah! She has a finest reply, which is quite interesting to hear as well. The actress utters that she hails from a family of construction company and didn't think about acting even for a blink. There happened to be a moment when she was in a lift along with her friend and there was a stranger. Guess, who's he? Ram Gopal Varma, who didn't miss to ask her friend, whether she is interested in acting.

Ah! Who would miss the greatest opportunity to work with a maverick filmmaker like Ram Gopal Varma and she gave a nod within fraction of seconds. Of course, it wasn't just for a fantasy to exhibit her sparkling looks on the screens, but the engrossing script for the bilingual film 'Naanthaanda' left her no options, but to gracefully embrace it.

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