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 Create a good-natured ambience with ‘Raanjhanaa’ songs.

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The musical globe has no options left, but to immerse in the celebration of AR Rahman-Dhanush feast. A couple of weeks back in time, the dulcet melodies and energy-pumping genre of fantabulous album 'Maryan' become a stunning sweepstake in audio markets. Time to take a flight into a different territory as the duo's Hindi album 'Raanjhanaa'. The film is produced by Eros International and is directed by 'Tanu Weds Manu' fame Anand L Rai. Starring Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor in lead roles, the film is a sweet feel-good love story.

Raanjhanaa Title Track
Singers: Jaswinder Singh & Shiraz Uppal

Stark points - the chords on strings with Jaswinder Singh vocals in prelude sweeps us off our feet. What follows next is a splendid composition of instrumentals and heart-melting rendition by Jaswinder Singh. The magnificent notes on Santoor during the interludes is a cherry-pick of this song and albeit the same tunes repeated for vocalim, the songs captivates our senses to a greater magnitude.

Singers: Shreya Ghoshal

Revisit the golden era of Hindi music. Thanks to Rahman for recreating the Burman style of classical spell. The song incisively let us tranquil across the silent beauty of Ganges for its pleasant music and a beautiful work by Shreya Ghoshal. The opening notes on violin and the simple percussions with flute distinctly make us clear that we can expect a beautiful classical dance on screens.

Piya Milenge
Singers: Sukhwinder Singh & Kmmc Sufi Ensemble

While these couple of songs had its classical touch, it’s time to experience a different stroke now. Rahman always makes sure that he doesn’t miss to offer the best when it comes to Sufi music. This time, he picks up a different style of rendering the music with fast-paced tempo. Sukhwinder Singh and Kmmc Sufi Ensemble emblazon the song to the best. Not to miss to the extraordinary mixing of instrumentals.

Ay Sakhi
Singers: Madhushree,Chinmayi,Vaishali & Aanchal Sethi

The best of female singers’ league is here... Imagine the combination of Madhushree, Chimayee, Vaishali and Aanchal Sethi create such an impact that it doesn’t sound like a song, but moreover to be a fun-filled conversation between the pals. The visuals should enhance the song and we are sure that cinematographer Natraj should have more to offer.

Nazar Laaye
Singers: Rashid Ali & Neeti Mohan

Best song to fit your space while going for a long drive. The musical score is so pleasing with mild instrumentals and Rahman’s choice of singers – Rashid Ali and Neeti Mohan make it more appealing. Especially, the latter one breathes deep into the lines, thereby letting us experience the emotional quotients exhibited through the lyrics. The guitar strokes with the ‘change in chords’ styled sound is retained, which makes it almost like a live performance.

Tu Mun Shudi
Singers: A.R. Rahman & Rabbi Shergill

It’s an energy pumping song that has a mix of voguish western trend with the classical blend of Shenai played in the backdrops. The combination of Rahman and Rabbi Shergill rocks to the core and you will unceasingly listen to this song over and again. The visuals in teaser have already created a huge sensation and there should be more montages for this track in the film.

Aise Na Dekho
Singer: AR Rahman

The song slightly travels on the lines of ‘Tu Bole’ from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The jazz waltz with harmonica and guitars in the backdrops makes it a perfect song for candle light dinner. It’s so mild and dulcet with Rahman making sure that the lyrics are intonated with right impact. The whistles in the interludes with low percussion beats are the flash point of this track.

The Land of Shiva
Theme Music

Experience the flavour of Banaras with this theme music ‘The Land of Shiva’.

Tum Tak
Singers: Javed Ali,Kirti Sagathia & Pooja AV

What makes the song so appealing is Rahman’s brilliant touch of playing with the word ‘Tak’. The lyricist deserves the same credits. Well, the lines ending with rhyming words should easily get into the sense of even kids so easily. It’s Shenai again getting us through the ethnicity of Banaras. Hats off to singers Javed Ali, Kirti Sagathia and Pooja AV for bestowing us with a track that will never fade from our memories.

Overall, Raanjhanaa boasts of a mix of melodious, fast beat and folk songs that caters to the tastes of all music lovers. It’s been a long time, we heard pleasant songs encompassing the cultural ties of a land. Tons of appreciations for Rahman for making it happen for taking scrutinising efforts on making sure the songs do not travel anywhere outside this boundary.

Verdict : Create a good-natured ambience with ‘Raanjhanaa’ songs.

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