Zillion Wishes for Chocolate Boy

Zillion Wishes for Chocolate Boy

News 1-Jun-2013 10:32 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

He is a stud of charm and talent. When Manirathnam didn't sign him for the role that was enacted by Prakash Raj in Iruvar, the versatile filmmaker saw this young chap walking down the stairs with sang-froid. Apparently, this pushed ahead on roping him in for the lead role in Alaipayuthey.

Madhavan had no turning back and even today albeit his few flicks on count has managed to retain his status. The tag of 'Chocolate Boy' didn't let him brew over it, but he leaped with a colossal performance of taking up challenging roles, event to the extent of playing negative roles. His prodigious spell in 'Evano Oruvan' still remains as a top-notch showpiece from his store.

If you've felt it's been a long time you saw Madhavan, don't miss to watch Vijay Awards this evening that features him as the master of ceremony.We as the members of Top 10 Cinema wish him a very happy birthday.

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