Kutti Puli

Passable fare, might appeal to rural audience.

Reviews 30-May-2013 3:18 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Sasikumar movies are always polished with perfect nativity and a unique way of storytelling. Well, that's the factor, which diminishes the flimsy plot and keeps us engaged throughout the show. Getting on with Kutti Puli, The film opens with a strong note about a courageous person, a saviour indeed in a rural area, who sacrifices his own life while retaliating for the dishonouring of a woman in his place. Dashed down with hopes, his wife (Saranya Ponvannan) erases her husband's every belonging so that his son is not influenced by such qualities. Years later, it's Kutti Puli (Sasikumar), who is fondly ennobled as a good-hearted man by his clan and towners. When a beautiful girl Bharathi (Lakshmi Menon), daughter of a newly appointed engineer arrives in his neighbourhood, things take a change in his life...

Newcomer Muthaiah seems to have fit into the idea of penning a script that will easily cater to the tastes of female audience. Yes, he succeeds to a certain extent, especially with dialogues and few sequences. Say for instance, the scene where Sasikumar requests Lakshmi Menon's mother not to curse him or the scene that depicts the motherly love of Saranya is a cherry-pick of heart touching quotients. On the flip side, things go wrong with a scrambled screenplay. The first half proceeds without any conflicts, but serves to be quite engrossing. Thanks to the young bunch of Vijay TV Kana Kaanum Kaalangal gang that plunges into some rib-tickling strokes. What's more disappointing is the vagueness in theme during the post-intermission sequence. If the director's main motive was to let the script journey through the premise that was set during initial moment, it would have been an appealing one, but we're terribly puzzled with its aftermath portions. Yes, the climax is shockingly inspiring and it turns to be a major strength of film, when read on script papers, but director Muthaiah doesn't depict such a powerful sequence with the right intensity. The romantic factor goes completely missing and the attempts of director in depicting it goes in vain.

Sasikumar tries to accomplish as an actor in his stereotypical zone. Lakshmi Menon has been completely wasted and she doesn't have even a dozen line of dialogues in the entire film. Saranya Ponvannan is the ultimate showstopper for her brilliant performance. She can reserve few space in her racks to fill it with awards. The others have commendably done their best to gain our attention.

Technically, it's a huge disappointment from music director Gibran in both songs and background score. All throughout the film, it's the songs of MS Viswanathan, maestro Ilayaraja and AR Rahman that we hear throughout the film. Cinematography by Mahesh Muthusamy is okay. Editing could have been crispier.

On the whole, the film might not impress the Sasikumar fans, but the female groups for the substantiality shown on their part. Overall, it's a middling fare, which works only in a very few places.

What works : Saranya Ponvannan, Humour elements, Dialogues

What doesn't work : Weak screenplay, music, story, illogical quotients

Verdict : Passable fare, might appeal to rural audience.

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