Mariyan Music Review

Mariyan Music Review

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Songs in a film isn’t a wonder, but how about experiencing them while flipping through a novel. Sounds quite unconventionally exciting, isn’t? Mariyan befitting to such unparalleled attributes can have its credits to Rahman’s music. Each track speaks of a theme and Bharatbala mentioned in an interview, AR Rahman chose the song situations, which he usually doesn’t prefer making it for other films. Call the songs of Mariyan, a metaphorical resemblance of VIBGYOR (Rainbow colours) as every track creates a unique ambience to the listeners.

Kadal Raasa

Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Dhanush

Perhaps, for the first time you heard this song in the film’s teaser, you might have assumed it to be a mass introduction song for Dhanush. But on contrary, it’s about the pathos of the lad, who is succumbed to a pitiable situation. The song traverses through his emotional praises of his home town and ladylove Panimalar. Yuvan Shankar Raja has rocked to the core with his high-pitch tone and it’s obvious that Rahman made a stunning choice. On the instrumental panorama, the Shenai and percussions played during the interlude with guitars is awesome. Trust us!!! You would relentlessly keep listening to this part of song over and again.

I Love Africa

Voice: A. R. Rahman, Blaaze, Madras Youth Choir

Brian Kabwe, Blaaze

Congo drums and the rap by Blaaze with Rahman’s rendition keeps creating the smile on our faces as we keep listening to the tracks. It sounds like the song would be placed in the background score when Dhanush embarks on his journey into the Africa for his new job along with a bunch of his mates.


Voices:Javed Ali, Haricharan, Nakash Aziz

Lyrics: Vaali

Rap lyrics: Sofia Ashraf

Pump out the energy and let the electrifications spread into your spaces. AR Rahman distinctly makes sure that the song keeps us enthralled from beginning till the end. With the best singers Javed Ali, Haricharan and Nakash Aziz make the song more energetic. Hats off to the stunning beats on percussions and wonderful orchestration that stands out as the major highlight in this track...

Enga Pona Raasa

Voice: AR Rahman, Shakthisree Gopalan

Lyrics: Kutti Revathi

You’ll be left speechless and one can be sure that ‘Enga Pona Raasa’ will definitely get ennobled as the best melodious treat of this year. The song doesn’t boast of more instrumentals and brims with just mild guitars and the strings. The mellifluous vocalism by ‘Nenjukulle’ fame Sakthisree Gopalan is icing on the cake.

Netru Aval

Voice: Vijay Prakash, Chinmayee

Lyrics: Vaali

Here comes another honeyed treat to the listeners with the singers Vijay Prakash and Chinmayee enchanting us with their soothing voices. But guess what makes the song more embellished? The colossal orchestration of instruments and chorus by Rahman that gives an appealing touch to it.... In places, the song reminiscences of Rahman’s yesteryear melody hit from Thenali, but that doesn’t affect its intensity.

Innum Konjam Neram

Voice: AR Rahman, Vijay Prakash, Swetha Mohan

Lyrics: Kabilan

The prelude on harmonium gives a nostalgic feeling of ‘Ye Manpuru Mangaye’ from Guru. The folk touch is so melodious with Vijay Prakash and Swetha Mohan ornamenting it with their beautiful rendition. The lyrical lines by Kabilan are so simple and easy to grasp.

Nenjae Ezhu

Voice: AR Rahman

Lyrics: AR Rahman

Arise oh soul from the gallows of misery and darkness. Enliven your spirits and keep going the way to your destiny. The LOVE and HOPE become the intriguing elements in this song and Rahman has brilliantly infused it with best feel by scaling the pitches. Of course, this will be the most celebrated song in this album and that’s due to the charismatic voice of Rahman. Overall, Mariyan brings out a new line of engaging music that keeps juggling between various genres. Rahman has neatly arranged the music and has shed more importance to the lyrics for its poetic attribute.

Verdict: Mariyan – Discovery of a rare pearl.

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