An Unusual Thriller in Tamil Cinema

An Unusual Thriller in Tamil Cinema

News 11-May-2013 12:18 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Four persons, three reasons, two women, one day...

Hollywood impact seems to be more on Balaji K Kumar, who has already won incredible laurel for his English film Nine Lives of Mara, which gained awards in many international film festivals. His maiden venture in Tamil industry with Vidiyum Mun incisively carries an unique story about two women on their escape from four baddies for three reasons and all this drama happens in a day. Actress Pooja incisively waited for years after her magnum opus Naan Kadavul and has chosen this script. Malayalee actress Malavika Kuttan, who was titled as the winner of Asianet Best Actor Mammootty's Reality Show plays an important role alongside Pooja. Others in the cast include Muthu Kumar, Vinod Kishan, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, John Vijay and many more.

The technical crew consists of Girish (Music), Sivakumar Vijayan (Cinematography), Edward Kalaimani (Art), Sathyaraj (Editing). The film is produced by Javed Kayum under the banner of Khayum Studios.

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