Ethir Neechal Movie Review

 Interesting in places

Reviews 6-May-2013 11:34 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The big brands of 'Dhanush-Sivakarthikeyan-Anirudh' had created more than enough expectation across the masses upon this film. Of course, with the songs turning to be Chartbusters, the excitements found no ends and the opening was pretty big. Has newcomer RS Durai Senthil Kumar lived up to expectations? Let's have a sneak peek into the synopsis and a clear-cut distinct analysis.

The religious belief of a couple name their newborn son as Kunjithapaatham (Sivakarthikeyan), which turns out to be a mishap in his life. Feeling quite unhappy about this name factor, he gets anxious on finding a new name. His friend Peter (Satish) suggests him to meet a numerologist (Manobala) and finally gets a tag of 'Harish'. Sooner, he meets a beautiful girl Geetha (Priya Anand) and things are exquisitely fine as they fall in love. Nevertheless, Geetha realizes that Harish is not his original name and enlightens that nothing is there in a name and one can carve a niche with their achievements in life alone. Instantly, Harish decides to join a huge marathon that takes place in Chennai and gets trained under a continental champion Valli (Nandhitha), who has her own dark past in the career. Will Harish manage to win through his dreams? Will Valli gain back her lost fame forms crux of the story.

If you're hooked up with lots of expectations, we would suggest you to enter the theatres sans it. Perhaps, there are more probabilities to enjoy this show. It's a timeworn script about a good-for-nothing guy leaving no stone unturned in life to make a big mark. Say for instance, Vijay had already performed the similar act in his yesteryear film 'Badri'. Moreover, the song 'Ethir Neechal Adi' faintly reminiscences of the scene, where Vijay goes through a vivid practice of turning up for the boxing tournament.

Getting on with the performance, it's a cake walk for Sivakarthikeyan as he effortlessly manages to showcase his ability of perfection in both the hilarious and emotional sequences. Having shared screen space with Siva in 'Marina', Satish manages to recreate the magic with his humorous quotients. Priya Anand looks pretty beautiful than her previous movies, but doesn't get much scope to perform. Nandhitha of 'Attakathi' fame scores brownie points with a decent show. She can earnestly thank Senthil for offering a meaty role and choosing such unique characters will keep her on the stands. Others in the cast have spelled a decorous act in their roles.

Technically, the songs by Anirudh as mentioned earlier win applause in the theatres and some of them have been very well choreographed as well. However, the lack of songs in the second half except 'Ethir Neechal' theme turns out to be a little minus. The cameo appearance by Dhanush and Nayanthara for the 'Local Boys' song is a super treat for the mass audience. Cinematography by Velraj is an additional asset and editing is crisp in places. At a few points, especially in Marathon race, lots of unwanted angles have been used to make it look grander.

On the whole, 'Ethir Neechal' is a passable show to keep yourselves engaged, but under one condition, don't expect too much and you'll enjoy the show.

Verdict: Interesting in places

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