Yaaruda Mahesh Movie Review

A spoilsport with too many double entendres & illogical elements.

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Sudden release of heavy flood on newfangled themes conquered the theatres from last year and definitely, this should have propelled filmmaker Madhan Kumar to craft a unique tale that would surely keep its foot on winning square. A feel-good entertainer might not be an exact adjective to delineate this flick with every scene loaded with double entendre slangs that will let you wriggle your heads, especially if you're watching this film with your family.

Shiva (Sundeep) is a happy-go-lucky youngsters, who spends his time boozing with his friend Vasanth (Jagan). On his first sight, he falls in love with a beautiful girl Sindhya (Dimple Chopade) and she becomes pregnant much prior to her marriage. A single scene of conflict between two families followed by a short note - After few years shows them happily married with a beautiful baby boy. On an unexpected turn, Shiva clandestinely listens to the telephonic conversation between Sindhya and a person named 'Mahesh' only to get blown out of waters that he isn't the father of their kid.

What unfolds next is Shiva's vigorous hunt to find who this Mahesh is? Will he able to accomplish and reveal the true colours of his wife? Or is there something else that he doesn't know what is actually happening?

Mature themes can be received well if it carrries a substantial element of narration or else a film like 'Vicky Donor' would have not fetched so many National awards. Madhan Kumar has picked a right script, but the illogical quotients just break down the entire work. First of all, an entire film laced with double entendres would obviously cause an annoyance. Secondly, what goes wrong with the script is it takes a long time for the film to reveal the conflict. The suspense element laced with humour is quite okay, but a series of flashbacks from few people hampers the momentum. Nevertheless, a big question arises during climax that would any woman have such a thought in reality. Well, revealing more than this will be a spoiler and you'll watch for it over the screens.

On the performance level, Sundeep makes a casual appearance and having won incredible praises for his performance in Telugu and Hindi movies, this isn't the kind of movie he should have opted his debut for. His tremendous work in 'Shor in the City' was so complimenting and this one is actually half the way down. Dimple Chopade looks beautiful with her makeover and costumes, but doesn't find a right scope to perform. Jagan in the name of tickling your funny bones leaves you irked after a certain extent. Livingstone, Uma Padmanabhan, Swaminathan, Srinath and others have done a good job.

Cinematography by Raana deserves appreciations for he offers the best visual treat in both talkie and song sequences and Gopi Sunder gives a mediocre effort over his songs and background.

On the whole, 'Yaaruda Mahesh' doesn't exceed your expectations for its onionskin elements in screenplay and if presented in a crisp manner sans the double entendre it would have been at least an average fare.

Verdict: A spoilsport with too many double entendres & illogical elements.

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