Watch it for Ideal narration and extraordinary performance

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Racy films are something rare and we do not often get to watch such movies. Thanks to filmmaker Manimaran and director Vetrimaaran for crafting a brilliant screenplay to keep us engaged in many parts.

Let's hit straight to the point. The film doesn't carry anything unique as the base storyline have been hackneyed in Indian Cinema, but the very unique method of narration brings out a different output on the screens. 2 minutes into the film, we tend to see a bunch of youngsters including Prabhu (Siddarth) in Bengalooru kidnapping their classmate Rithika (Ashritha), daughter of a powerful politician on the final day of exam. It's too crucial for the politician to retain his status and assigns an evil minded cop (Kay Kay Menon) to save his daughter on the personal front as an act of reciprocation for a help he did to save his skin few months back. It's a promise to complete the mission in just a couple of hours and then begins the game of hot chase between these characters from Bengalooru to Chennai.

Heavy rush, nail-biting moments, a series of flashbacks with a hand-on-hand combat between the tough and intelligent characters makes 'Udhayam' more appealing. Regardless of a time-worn script, Vetrimaaran has exerted a lot of effort to add new dimension to it. Say for instance, the exercise of latest technologies employed by Cyber Crime Department like voice tracking is a cherry-pick. Well, there are just a couple of action sequence, but the raciness prolongs with the smart depiction of characters.

Well, you might think anyone could have done this role with an ease, but not Siddarth for his depiction in films have been more as a stylish guy. He just gets down as a local sub-urban lad and strikes with excellence. He has shed down his usual romantic boy image and proves himself to be exceptional. Newbie Ashritha sticks to a level of perfection as a natural Kannadiga girl hailing from a rich family. Even her dialogues blend with Kannada and Tamil has been rendered with flawlessness that adds more intensity to her characterization.

Bollywood actor Kay Kay Menon throws a huge appeal of surprise among us with his exceedingly unparalleled performance. Naturally, the actor has already proved his proficiency in Hindi films and he is here to make a trenchant mark. His casual gesture, delineation as an evil-but-affectionate girl is brilliant. The actors in the role of Siddarth friends have done a good job in terms of emotional and humorous attributes.

Nothing much to bring on the minus column as the film is racy in many parts, but the high pace momentum seems to drop with the flasback quotients in second half. Literally, it gets us distracted to a certain extent, but the momentum is back with the climax and a little stereotypical element could have been avoided at the end.

The musical score by GV Prakash is worthy of appreciations, especially with the background score. The song 'Ora Kannaley' and 'Yaaro Ivan' stands out a a best visual treat. Cinematography and editing turn to be the biggest assets of technical department for they add more flash points to the technical department.

On the whole, Udhayam stands out as a perfect illustration of how an engrossing screenplay can turn an ordinary love story into a completely different avatar. Kudos to director Manirmaaran and excellent writing by Vetrimaaran.

Verdict: Watch it for Ideal narration and extraordinary performance

Review by Richard Mahesh

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