Convincing and worth watching.

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Honour killings - an issue that has been prevailing towards the interior villages of our sub-continent now and then appears in the headlines. Not to forget one such incident in Tamil Nadu that shook the entire nation in terror about a low-caste guy and a girl from a superior family plunged with the worst punishment for falling in love. Filmmaker Radha Mohan always has a penchant taste for picking humour as his heart and soul of the script, but this time throws a different element of his store.

Gouravam slightly reminiscences of Hollywood film 'Mississippi Burning' that was later adapted by Priyadarshan into a Hindi film 'Aakrosh', which was based again based on honour killings. Nevertheless, the director seems to be little different in adding some interesting attributes to his plot. Say for instance, a mentally challenged artist breaking the suspense is a good shot that no one would expect. In simple terms, Gouravam remains to be a decent job from Radha Mohan with good casting and impressive screenplay.

When Arjun (Allu Sirish) misses his return flight to Chennai, he decides to meet his college friend Shanmugham while passing through the village of T. Vennoore. As he looks out his whereabouts, he finds himself perplexed for the villagers claiming that he eloped to Chennai with a higher-caste girl in the village. He leaves for Chennai only to return back and find what actually happened to his friend. Does he able to trace his friend or fails in his mission forms crux of the story.

Radha Mohan has distinctly captured some of the prevailing practices of caste system in Tamil Nadu. It is quite illustrious with the tea cups differently in shops for different classes of people. The first half is quite engrossing, but the momentum picks up right after the intermission while Allu Sirish gets into disentangle the mystery.

Allu Sirish is no new to the industry as he has been actively involved in the production of many blockbuster movies that includes his brother - Allu Arjun. He is good for his debut show performing and suiting the role to T. But we suggest, improvising with his body language and expressions will add more values to his performance. Yami Gautam look beautiful and tries to showcase her potentials to greater magnitude, albeit her minimal importance. Well, she travels all throughout the journey of Allu and is a refreshing factor on the screens. Prakashraj as Pasupaathi takes a cakewalk through his role and his culmination is appalling.

Thanks to Radha Mohan for his crisp narration as the running length of 2.15minutes looks perfect for this mystery drama. Of course, as mentioned earlier, there aren't any comedy elements in the film and the director proves that he is capable of winning the applause even with a serious theme.

The musical score by Thaman is appreciable with both the songs and background score enhancing the visual aspects. Kudos to the cinematographer for capturing the scenic visuals of village locales.

Gouravam will have its spell appreciated in multiplexes, but might take some time to gain its fame across the sub-urban and rural areas.

Verdict: Convincing and worth watching.

Review by Richard Mahesh

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