Kaanum Kanavugal – Youngsters With a Dream

Kaanum Kanavugal – Youngsters With a Dream

News 16-Apr-2013 10:00 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

A soul-stirring theme of uniqueness has been the secret of winning stroke for many movies. In the recent times, the preachy flicks aren’t so much welcomed, but on pars, something offered with a lot of quality entertainment has its own place in our hearts. It looks like ‘Kaanum Kanavugal’ that is directed by J.S. Shankar and produced by K.S. Harikumar of Deepalakshmi Films will offer us something more than we anticipate.

The film stars newcomers Vincent, Babu, Aadhi, Nirmal, Sudarshan, Hariharadasan, Vinitha, Deepa, Ashmitha, Mary Priyanka, Natchathira and few others in lead roles with more than 20 comedy artistes sharing the screen space with them.

The film has 7 songs composed by Music Prince V Tashi with Mumbai Bala cranking camera. The film revolves around seven youngsters, who arrive in Chennai with the earnest dreams of making it bigger in showbiz. The film throws light on their experience and how they all become acquainted into true friendship.

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