Prabhu Deva - Sweet 40 & Blessed

Prabhu Deva - Sweet 40 & Blessed

News 2-Apr-2013 1:02 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The Michael Jackson of Asia has kept us awestruck with his transfixing dance moments and his youthful energy continues to prolong. Naturally, the ones with ardent dedication to art will be ageless and so is Prabhu Deva. Today, he completes 40 years of his meaningful life and his contribution to the Indian film industry stands out eminently visible. Within short span of time, the choreographer-turned-actor came up with a new avatar of wearing the director's hat.

The result was extraordinary as all the leading Khans and Kumars of Bollywood instantly wanted him to helm their projects. We as the members of Top 10 Cinema extend our B'day greetings to Prabhu Deva and wish him more success in years to come.

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