Could have been better

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It's better if Sajid Khan takes a crash course in filmmaking and get back trying his luck in Bollywood. Of course, the Hindi industry knows him as a 'Man of More Words and Less Action' and he proves it evidently with this film as well. Remember his statement during a meet with media channels when he said, 'I am damn sure Himmatwaala will be the No.1 of three best entertainers. Are the others ready to take up this challenge?'

Oops! You would run out of breath and loose pulse watching Himmatwala and naturally feel the best way to save your lives is to run out of theatres as soon as possible. One humble request to Hindi filmmakers - stop playing a spoof on south movies. And Sajid Khan, can you take up a challenge of making any one of National award winning movies from south this year.

Himmatwala is a worst of its kind as Sajid Khan walks back to the 80s with a blind belief that playing spoof on yesteryear south movies will win him the title of 100% Paisa Vasool entertainer. Alas! From the beginning till the end, it's an unceasing drama of annoyance and restlessness amongst the audience.

What happened to Ajay Devgn? The actor stood out on top with a stupendous career graph taking up unique roles over the years. Didn't he learn from the results of 'Son of Sardar' that he has to pull up his socks to give something best and not a Southern Masala type. South actress Tamanaah didn't have a big start in Bollywood and while making her comeback should have really given herself to a big thought before signing this project. She spoils her earned fame in south with a single flick in Bollywood, where she appears as a villain's daughter in stereotypical avatar only to fall in love with the macho hero dancing with him in skimpy costumes. Mahesh Manjrekar as the baddie and the man, who destroyed the happy family of hero to get avenged is okay. Paresh Rawal with his clowny acts disappoints. The only convincing element in the film is Richard Parker's cousin brother TIGER, who gets acquainted with Ajay Devgn on his mission.

Well, are you wondering why we haven't mentioned anything about the film's story? Ah! We would have opened the review on story, if at all Himmatwala had it.

The story of a honest goodie seeking revenge on baddie, who destroyed his family, with his sister raped and mother always asking for promises like small kid and a wild villain keeping his entire town in slavery.

These three lines are more than enough for you to decide if you ought to watch this film.

Verdict: Could have been better

Review by Richard Mahesh

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