Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga

Entertaining in parts...

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Entertainers are always top-drawers in box office, especially during summer season. Of course, when such a film arrives from filmmaker like Pandiraj, it is sure to grab the attention of universal audience. Following a series of decorous entertainers, Pandiraj comes up with Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga, which remains as a fair to middling show. Produced by Escape Artists and Pasanga Productions, the film is released by Studio Green with Shivakarthikeyan, Vimal, Regina and Bindhu Madhavi in lead roles.

Set in backdrops of Ponmalai, the film revolves around a couple of childhood friends: Kesavan (Vimal) and Murugan (Shivakarthikeyan), who are acclaimed as 'Good-for-Nothing' guys killing their time with friends Sindru (Parotta Soori ) & Co. The aimless Kesavan falls in love with Mithra (Bindhu Madhavi) and Murugan for PAPA (newcomer Regina), who runs her xerox shop. Their aspirations to become successful politicians and conflicts with their fathers and do they finally make a big mark in their dreams forms crux of the story.

When we have the humorous icons like Shivakarthikeyan and Vimal teaming up, there is no dearth of expectations and naturally, Yuvan Shankar Raja's songs and eye-catching trailers raised the expectatio bars.

First and foremost, director Pandiraj deserves special mention for his proficiency in casting. The lead pairs and every supporting actor have done a decent job, though there is no such demanding situation that insists for more efforts to exert. Except the penultimate sequence of 20 minutes, which wrenches your heart, the actors are spotted casual and effortless. Shivakarthikeyan with his witty-lines stands out as the major highlight while Vimal in his usual delineation of an innocent Kalavani walks away with praises. It's been a long time we saw the actresses appearing in a naturally beautiful look with with costumes and makeovers done in good order. Kudos to Bindhu Madhavi and Regina (Kanda Naal Mudhal, Azhagiya Asoora) for a splendid job. Bindhu Madhavi tries out her best in experimenting with some funny action sequence and gets a good response as well. Regina has done a hard work, which is quite illustrious in every frame. Pandiraj has picked a handful of dubbing artists, who have rendered their voice to these actresses in a perfect synch. Parotta Soori becomes the ultimate showstopper here for his hilarious factors add more to the humorous situations. Not to miss his encounters with wife and her father that happens to pull all your energy with heavy laughter-riot. Delhi Ganesh's role looks almost similar to his characterization in Chimbu Devan's Arai En 305il Kadavul, where he played the role of a nagging father, but his hidden nature unveiled in climax is extraordinary that includes his conversation with Vimal as he says Indha Panakattulirundhu Oru Nooruba eduthu, adhula konjam arisi vaangi saapudu, Nalla Thookkam Varum.

The first half of the film is filled with light moments with the actors always found either clasping the beer bottles or just running behind their dream girls. Well, it's entertaining to a certain extent, but the absence of conflict till the latter part of film makes us wonder what's the drama happening here. Nevertheless, the punch of unexpected twist in post-election phase leaves us speechless. The complete sequence with Na. Muthukumar's 'Dheivangal Ellam' in the backdrops sends us frozen in emotions.

Yuvan Shankar Raja's musical score is an additional attraction, but we tend to hear the same background score (slightly resembles a bit song 'Chedi Onnu' from Manmadhan) over and again throughout the fillm. The opening song 'Oru Parambokku' is a special treat for everyone for the composition and choreography has been done with excellence and so is Konjam Kili, the feet-tapping number with good visuals.

On the whole, Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga scores high with entertainment factors, a good message about father-son relationship and how responsible a youth should be. If Pandiraj had managed to add some substantiality to the script in first half, it would have more appealing than it is now.

Verdict: Entertaining in parts...

Review by Richard Mahesh

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