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Better luck next time Manchu

Reviews 25-Mar-2013 9:56 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Before a couple of weeks, when it's original Telugu version was released, we could see producer-actress Lakshmi Manchu opening up from the bottom of heart, tweeting with verdict on the making of her choices. 'Gundello Godhari' turned out to be a mere disappointment for the Telugu audience albeit its fury flooding visuals set in backdrops of 1986 Godavari flood. Kumar Nagendra spells out this film loosely based on the lines of Akira Kurosawa's 'Rashomon', where the characters meet and share their flashback during a catastrophic natural disaster (It's too far from other similarities yet) and Malayalam movie 'Second Show', where Dulqar Salman meets up with a stranger narrates his past under heavy downpour of early morning rain.

Not long hours after Malli (Aadhi), a fisherman and Chitra (Lakshmi Manchu) enter a wedlock of convenience, the flood of Godavari unleashes into the town and everyone barges into high places of shelter. Drenched with the ambience of flood, both Malli and Chitra share about their past that brings in their love stories. A rich girl (Taapsee) always desiring for Malli with sultry looks and Chitra's encounter with an ordinary guy (Sundeep Kishan).

What unfolds next is their own individual journey of love in the past and finally do Malli and Chitra bind in the soul forms crux of the story.

While watching the teasers of 'Marenthen Mannithen', one could blatantly call for something unusual and exceptional here. Perhaps, even if not a desi-version of 2012, it had some captivating elements of natural disaster and a love story interwoven. Barring the highlighting flashes of visuals, cinematography and Ilayaraja's musical score, there is nothing that can keep the audience intact. Well, Aadhi showcases a matured level of performance and for Lakshmi Manchu, who had her scenes almost deleted in her recent release 'Kadal' could breath easier and elate for giving a good show.

What's the point in burning candles at both for a plot that is completely irrelevant? If 'Godavari flood' was the plot, the director should have got into it bringing something unique over its arena. Why does Tapsee suddenly want to head for a unusual role while her career graph is steady with what she has been doing for a while. As a sensual girl craving with lust, she heads nowhere, but ends up with our annoyance. Sundeep Kishan gives a decent stroke delivering what is required for his role.

On the whole, Maranthen Mannithen should have given a strong impact on the title's theme - FORGET AND FORGIVE, but doesn't stand strong on this platform.

A hard work that goes in vain due to flimsy writing....

Verdict: Better luck next time Manchu

Review by Richard Mahesh

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