Vallinam - Music Review

Vallinam - Music Review

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Their debut strike together 'Eeram' still remains as an evergreen album as the FM Stations still keep airing the song and of course, the tracks remain in the favourite list of your music library. Arivazhagan and Thaman are back now for 'Vallinam', which is completely different from their previous one. Accordingly, the music has been composed to the same nature. Let us have a distinct analysis on the musical score of Thaman.

Maaman Machaan
Singers: Mukesh, STR, Thaman
Lyrics: Viveka

Thaman always sticks to the prototyped style of rendering the fast-beat Kuthu numbers. You can sense the traces of the songs from his previous albums 'Sindhanai Sei' and 'Ayyanar'. Nevertheless, the bunch of singers: Mukesh, STR and Thaman manage to keep the listeners engaged to a certain extent, but that doesn't work for a long time. Thamman has to try out something different stepping out from his usual spell.

Uyiril Uyiril
Singers: Haricharan
Lyrics: Viveka

There isn't any prelude and it all begins with an intonation by Haricharan, who recently awestruck us with his mesmerizing song 'Anbin Vasalile' in Kadal. He is perfect in his rendition and this guy make you completely drenched with stupendous vocalisms. But again, we tend to find same-old composition of Thaman so much in the chorus part and instrumental accompaniment.

Nakula Nakula
Singers: Nakul & Andrea Jeremiah
Lyrics: Viveka

Sensuality seems to be the top priority here and Thamman has accordingly composed the track. All that we can find is the beautiful singers Andrea Jeremiah and Nakul exerting their best efforts on enhancing the quality of song. The lyrical lines do not impress us vividly.

Uyirile Uyirile
Singers: Thamman
Lyrics: Vivega

Don't assume this song to be a complete reprisal of second number in this album. The tempo and treatment of the song is completely different from the other one. Thaman has worked too much on the voice modulations. Thanks to the sound engineers for a perfect mixing and effects. It sounds like the song would be placed in a crucial point of this film.

Singers: KG Ranjith, Naveen Madhav, Palakkad Sreeram, Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Vaali

While rest of the tracks remain passably average, this one notches with excellence. If all the songs were done with same impact of composition, this would have been a milestone in Thaman's career. The theme song 'Vallinam' has KG Ranjith, Naveen Madhav, Palakkad Sriram and Rahul Nambiar add more energy to the song... Of course, the pumping orchestration intensifies the feel of this song.

As mentioned above, it's the final track 'Vallinam' that gains our interest while rest of the songs are put up with a middling factor. On the whole, Thaman can come up with colossal works as in some of his previous albums for he is capable of endowing us with it.

Verdict: Average show by Thaman

Review by Richard Mahesh

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