Rendavathu Padam - Music Review

Rendavathu Padam - Music Review

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Tamizh Padam is a more-than-enough factor to identify CS Amudhan for he came up with a new conceptualization of making the first spoof-based film in Indian film industry. Naturally, this incisively raises everyone's expectations on Rendavadhu Padam that stars Vimal, Remya Nambeesan, Aravind Akash, Rishi and Vijayalakshmi in lead roles. The four songs in this album exhibit the good attempt of music director Kannan and we bring you a sneak peek into the songs.

Kuppai Thotti
Voice: Hariharan & Ujjainee
Lyrics: Madan Karky

Kannan makes his opening with a fusion based style of Carnatic vocals and peppy western beats. What's more highlighting about the song is the combination of singers that the music director has opted - Hariharan and Ujjainee... Maybe, the lyrics are quite middling, but the crooning panache of singers and orchestration has been done with a splendid elan. The English lines should evoke huge laughter when viewed on the screens.

Roja Poo
Voice: SP Balasubramaniam & Chitra
Lyrics: Madan Karky

Firstly, it's Madhan Karky's intense effort on his lyrical lines that grabs our attention. Maybe, it will take some time for the song to make its realms, but the striking flash points go with veteran singers like SP Balasubramaniam and Chitra. Kannan has tried embracing the style of Ilayaraja and has succeeded to a good extent. The instruments like strings, violin, Veena and flute with simple percussions on Congo make it appealing for the listeners. Certain lines in the song penetrates into us for its esthetical composition and that includes UNAKKAE PIRANTHAAL IDHAYAM THIRANTHAAL, NILAVAAI UNIL UDHITHAAI, KAATHAL THADAM PATHITHAAI...

Adutha Paruppu
Voice: Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

This should be a visual treat for the audience in the theatre. The song is loaded with witty lines throughout and the musical composition by Kannan is so captivating. Well, you might presume this song to be an exceptional for it begins on a devotional note and within fraction of seconds, it transits into a local Kuthu. Vijay Prakash has attempted something that was not heard from him before and excelled with it.

Aapu Birthday
Voice: Mukesh, Velmurugan & Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

Don't miss this cherry-pick and it has every element to overshadow the previous 'Youth Anthems' of Tamil music. Of course, it is not on the platform to make analysis on voices and instruments, but holds us strictly for the humorous attributes. Perhaps, the visuals should enhance it to a greater magnitude and you can be sure about it for CS Amudhan delivers the rib-tickling quotients best with his visuals.

Verdict: You can enjoy the songs in theatres...

Review by Richard Mahesh

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