South African Treat for Chennaites

South African Treat for Chennaites

News 20-Mar-2013 9:56 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

For the next three days (March 21, 22 & 23), it's going to be a South African treat for Chennai film buffs. Any possibility to make a film in just 20 days? Learn watching it from the high octane adrenaline rush action comedy titled 'Skeem' that is a heist based movie set in backdrops of a deserted holiday resort located between Cape Town and Johannesburg. The film stands out for its best narration and how a film can be made in just 20 days.

'31 Million Reasons' is the next movie that will keep you engrossed throughout its show. The film is again a kind of heist thriller that has local detective Ronnie as the protagonist. Followed by the movie screening, there will be a special media interaction session with director John Barker.

Have you ever imagined about living underground without electricity for a day? Ah! it's quite obnoxious as we aren't able to bear it in our cities. Then how about staying at underground mines for seven months without proper food, water and electricity. 'Zama Zama' is one such tale that is directed by Wickus Strijdom, which leaves us awestruck. The director had to face more troubles in shooting the film as lots of objections were raised. Meet him as he interacts with media channels after the movie screening to know more about his experience shooting for this film.

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