A huge disappointment.

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When an attack is all set to happen on you from different ends, don't run for your life, but instantly follow these three steps

- Immediately find an apt place to sleep

- Rush to the nearest roadside Tiffin shop and fill your stomach

- Take your next route to nearby ground and do complete set of workout.

It's time for the baddies to be thrashed down. Till now, we haven't seen such a different message from the filmmakers in any movies, but debutant Kinslin throws up with a tremendous concept right in his debut film. Haven't we heard a famous proverb in our school days that reads 'A healthy mind is a healthy body'? Of course, this is main plot of 'Vathikuchi' that marks the debut of AR Murugadoss' cousin brother Dileban in lead role with Anjali as his ladylove.

The premise of 'Vathikuchi' is worth appreciable for three antagonists from different ends: a local goon Binny (Sampath), a Marvadi (Jayaprakash) and his son, his close friend and neighbour (Jagan) want Sakthi (Dileeban) dead. But on contrary, we see the protagonist happily earning his livelihood with his own share auto rickshaw trying to woo down his girl (Anjali) and is spotted quite unaware about what’s happening. Soon as the lanes cross, Sakthi has to take on the baddies and settle the scores.

The basic idea of this film is quite impressive and if it was conveyed in duration of 120 minutes, it would be an engrossing show. Nevertheless, a dragging screenplay with dull moments and wretched writing turns out to be a spoiler. First and foremost problem of the film is an improper casting for the lead roles does not have an appealing charisma to capture our interests. Especially with Anjali, the director has caricatured her role with so much of artificialities.

After a certain extent, she lets us deeply into restlessness of pain in the neck with her voice and performance. Sampath does his part well while Jayaprakash has no specific clarity in his role. What's more disappointing is a bunch of amateur insurance agents (these actors are declared as aspiring comedy actors in the industry and it's a shock to see them in negative characters, which doesn't suit them to any extent) played by Jagan and others. It's little ridiculous to easily walk into the house of goons and steal the gun to bump of a person on the road.

Only convincing point in the film is musical score by Gibran for his songs and re-recording are on par with excellence. The songs 'Kuru Kuru', 'Mummy Wake Me Up' and 'Kanna Kanna' are engaging, but the picturing could have been better. The cinematography doesn't show up with a top-notch quality and you can find the pixels (due to poor light set up) in most of the places.

On the whole, it's disappointing to see that a film like 'Vathikuchi' arrives from a prestigious banner like Fox Star Studios and AR Murugadoss Production, whose previous film 'Engeyum Eppodhum' was a colossal piece of work.

It's obvious that a Hollywood banner cannot elevate the standard of Tamil Cinema, but a proper script and execution of it would alone give a better result.

Verdict: A huge disappointment.

Review by Richard Mahesh

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