Rahman & Saira Bhanu: 18 Years of Marriage

Rahman & Saira Bhanu: 18 Years of Marriage

News 13-Mar-2013 9:58 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Love inspires music as these elements imbibe together for making a life beautiful. The creator of beautiful music - AR Rahman has no chance of missing it two for his life has been brimming with more embellishments with Love and Music. It's blessed to have a spouse of good heart and support and he is bestowed with the celestial gift. Today, AR Rahman and his wife Saira Bhanu celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary. A marriage of love, affection, care, support, kindness and what else? They've been the inspiring and adorable couple of this contemporary period.

Let the glorious moments continue to persist in their lives and the joy of music and love be spread to the world.

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