Fake News on Ajith Kumar

Fake News on Ajith Kumar

News 13-Mar-2013 9:52 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Anything about Ajith Kumar leaves your sparkling with huge amusements. Of course, he is one such person to create the magic with his values and superstar nature. Before few hours, there was a tweet on a micro-blogging page about an ardent buff of Ajith Kumar. It was stated that anyone interested in having a direct touch through their news and tweets with the actor can mail them to directmailtoajith@gmail.com

Within fraction of minutes, it was denied to be a baseless rumour as Ajith Kumar’s spokesperson confirmed that there is no truth over it and requested the fans not to go by such unreliable sources.

We as Top 10 Cinema members regret over publishing that news and kindly request Ajith Kumar fans to avoid such acts committed by undependable sources.

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