Magizh Thirumeni Denies Arya-Samantha Rumour

Magizh Thirumeni Denies Arya-Samantha Rumour

News 7-Mar-2013 11:10 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Not long more than a week ago, the rumour mongers had their stories popping up that Magizh Thirumeni of 'Thadayara Thakka' fame signing Arya and Samantha as lead actors for his next film.

The filmmaker through a press note has stated that he had already denied it to be a baseless rumour and is wondering how it continues to make rounds in town. Magizh Thirumeni has clearly mentioned that he is busy now finalizing the script and the actors are yet to be confirmed.

Some of the media channels and online portals had published a news that Arya will be playing an encounter specialist.

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