One More Extravagant Treat From Settai

One More Extravagant Treat From Settai

News 6-Mar-2013 10:47 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

If you’ll have to delineate the songs of Settai, bouquets of colourful visual would be the apt synonym in the pages of Thesaurus. Moreover, ‘Agalathey’ has been a tremendous illustration of its sort and now it’s time for one more to enchant us.

Get ready to board on flight of Switzerland with Arya and Anjali now. Yes, the producers of Settai are airing ‘Poyyum Poyyum Indha Kadhalukulle’ this evening at Satellite Channels.

This sweet mellisonant track honeyed by Madhan Karky and Thamman will go on airs in YouTube and Sun Music. Dhananjayan tweets, ‘The song is sweet with its costumes and cute dance’.

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