The Attacks of 26/11

Can go for it

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The gruesome massacres and harsh cries of innocents still echoes in everyone. The monuments had a story to tell Mumbai, but the unforgettable traumatizing event of 26/11 would remind of its tragedy till the end of history. Ram Gopal Varma succumbed to a deplorable status with his films turning out to be box office disasters. Perhaps, a desperate need to push himself again to the top required a sensitive issue and what could savor better than Mumbai terror attack for this man, who is known for splashing red blood over the screens piercing with violence.

‘The attacks of 26/11’ is an in-depth delineation of what happened on the stigmatic day of Mumbai few years back. The 10-men terrorist group cut through the Arabian Sea to devastate the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai tearing the piece apart.

A true account of the horrific chain of events that scarred Mumbai city forever on that fateful date of 26/11 - savaged by ten deadly terrorists. RGV gets behind the TV news box and sets up his fictional spell of adding more drama to it. Well, the synopsis is not anything more than an onion skin, but the director presents it with some interesting portions. Obviously, anyone would easily relate to the gruesome incident and with violence factors, it becomes gripping in a few places.

The film journeys from the point of view of Joint Commissioner of Police, a real life inspiration of Rakesh Maria involved in the entire drama. Nana Patekar plays the role efficiently and so are the other actors, especially the one with the identical look of terrorist Kasab. As the film opens, we are taken in the flashback sequence of terror attack as Nana Patekar narrates it in the documentary style.

What’s most interesting about the film is the well-shot scenes that keep us on the edge of seats that includes the drama of hunting down Kasab in spite of a hazardous situation. There isn’t anything to mark as plus and minus in this film as it’s a drama you cannot miss watching. Naturally, it’s an appalling event that gains sympathy over and again. But again, the drama turns out to be dragging and a little unrealistic, when Nana Patekar takes up a new avatar of ‘PREACHER’ suddenly and throws you some best messages – yawn or get out would be the two best options for you. Adding more to your restlessness is Kasab’s grieve over the loss of his so-called companions in the terror attack is a little odd, but it’s a drama, you’ll get imbibed in it.

On the whole, The Attack of 26/11 is a worth watching film for its realistic depiction. Had the film been released a year back, RGV could have had his career from sinking.

Verdict: Can go for it

Review by Richard Mahesh

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