Ajith's Philoshopy of Success

Ajith's Philoshopy of Success

News 2-Mar-2013 11:45 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

It’s a dream come true for any youngster aspiring to make it bigger in tinsel town getting an opportunity to share the screen with Ajith Kumar. In fact, the actor has given a great opportunity for the needy actors to act in his films and this time, Munish becomes the latest one to join the bandwagon. Yes, the actor will be playing an important role in Ultimate Star’s untitled next directed by Siruthai Siva.

Much alike other actors, Munich are very much spellbound by Ajith’s moralistic values as he advised, “Work hard! Pay your taxes! Respect your elders and devote enough time for your family! Donate a part of your income to the needy! Neither impose your thoughts on others nor let them impose theirs on you! Don’t let money alone decide who you work with! Live and let live! These are not words of advice but an experience of a journey called life”.

Of course, Ajith Kumar isn’t just a preacher, but a follower of his principles as well.

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