Oscars: Anne Hathaway - a Moment to Relish

Oscars: Anne Hathaway - a Moment to Relish

News 25-Feb-2013 10:26 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Winning Best Actress in Supporting role Oscars, Anne Hathaway was looking more beautiful than the Golden Statue in her hands. She was frozen in emotions and her Thanksgiving list would remain perpetually forever. The touching lines were simple and short as she started saying, "It came true. There are have been so many people in my life making me stand here. Thank you Hugh Jackman and the creative team, the producers for a wonderful opportunity..."

Walking on the red-carpets, the actress was carrying her suave persona with a long white gown that had a sleek cut below back neck. Ask her and she says, 'WORK AT FRONT, PARTY AT BACK.'

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