A film to watch with family

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Amidst of prototypes, the film buffs of K-town find its oasis with few groundbreaking movies. Filmmaker GNR Kumaravelan's Haridas is definitely a film with debonaire that sends you out of theatres with emotional punch, especially with a reverence for your fathers. A blatant acclamation - it's better than any father-son movies that were attempted by maverick filmmakers earlier here in Tamil industry.

Maybe, his past couple of movies didn't fare well (Ninaithale Inikkum and Yuvan Yuvathi) albeit its well-known star values. But this time, his cherry-pick of powerful casting, a gripping tale and a handful of promising technicians tot up Haridas as a commendable work.

Last week release for Kishore might have been a little disappointment, but kudos that he remained perfect in his delineation as forest brigand. This time, he is a vigorous cop Shivadas on the hunt of an indocile roughneck (played by Pradeep Rawat)... His breach of due care for his autistic son takes him away from work. Somehow, he manages to get him admitted in a school and comes across a teacher (Sneha), who helps the little boy to a greater magnitude. What follows is next is a series of emotional conflicts between father, son and teacher that speaks well of human relationships, love and affection.

The plus of Haridas is very well mentioned already. A uniqueness with story, good choice of actors and technical bonanza keeps us engrossed. The performance is top notch and that's the spotlighting factor here. Be it Kishore, young boy Prithviraj or Sneha, they emote stupendously etching a trenchant mark in every frame. The first half of the script moves with right momentum and director as a perfect scrutinizer makes sure that things are right in places. Notwithstanding such efforts, the writing goes little fallibe in places with a longer duration. A crisp and short narration would have received a more warm welcome among the audiences, who get a little restless over sluggish moments. Miraculous to see Sneha in her captivating performance after a very long time and she can await some big honors for 'Best Actress Category' of awards.

The major point where filmmakers of Tamil industry fail in their mission is to try something unparalleled and yet convince the audience. Unwanted songs are the major spoiler while Soori's comedy tracks is a refreshing attribute. Vijay Anthony lifts the violin background score from the world's most famous album 'Nocturne - Secret Garden' (search it on YouTube and you cannot stop listening even after million times).

On the whole, Haridas draws you straight into the drama for its emotion and values of father-son relationship.

Verdict: A film to watch with family

Review by Richard Mahesh

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